The Empowering Festival That Embraces Feminism | MOTHERSHIP

MOTHERSHIP is a women's festival that began last October in which women meet to camp, talk, eat, dance, and stay isolated from men for three days. The festival is a way for women to come together in a safe space, despite today's political and social climate.

This year, MOTHERSHIP is back and ready to recreate that safe space for all women. Creator and therapist, Laura Wise explains, "The connection changes when you’re in an all-female space, and I think we got a real taste of what that connection and what that motion could look like. And all I could think was, Wow, I can’t wait to see these women at MOTHERSHIP. This is so MOTHERSHIP. I think after that march, it was like, ‘What’s next?’ MOTHERSHIP is next.”

The rise of female festivals is notable but MOTHERSHIP seeks to be different than other female-oriented events. They want the women attending to have a full experience and celebrate themselves and the bond of sisterhood. While the festival embraces feminism, Wise realizes that not everyone is ready to do the same until they are exposed to what gender equality truly is. Her weekend not only focuses on panels but also prioritizes celebration and fun by emphasizing its musical aspect.

This year, Kiran Gandhi will be performing along with Farrow, and Teagan and Sara. Wise says, “Not only do many women at festivals report sexual assault and rape in these spaces, but also over half of the music festival attendees are women, but that’s not reflected on stage. At MOTHERSHIP, I want to combat that by putting all women on stage and creating spaces for these amazing female performers and voices to be heard because women are equally as talented as men and we need to give them a platform.” She also has tapped WASI, Madison Paige, and DJ LP Giobbi to be a part of the lineup. 

MOTHERSHIP will also host yoga, self-defense classes, meditation, sex and pleasure panels, and much more. Wise wants to best represent the full range of interests that a woman can have. “I think one of the reasons people are like, ’Wow, there’s a lot going on at MOTHERSHIP’ is because I created the event to be reflective of women with diverse interests. We don’t have to be just this spiritual girl that goes to spiritual events. We don’t have to be just the girl that’s interested in sex and pleasure and BDSM. We can be all those things, and all those things can exist in one place, and I think that’s why this festival’s so inclusive.”

The festival will take place on October 15 to 17 and expects 600-800 women to be in attendance. Tickets are now available online. 

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