The Ganja Goddess Getaway is Where You Want to Be This Summer

Author: Coco Marett

We recently wrote about how cannabis and fitness is a growing trend in California. Now, ladies who enjoy getting lifted will be pleased to know that cannabis-fuelled getaways are steady on the rise - and Ganja Goddess Getaway is setting the bar.

“The vision is to offer women a way to connect with their divine feminine and to connect to each other as sisters, and we feel that cannabis is the ideal tool to accomplish both,” says co-founder and "ganjapreneur" Sailene Ossman. “We’re creating a movement of sisterhood and connection through cannabis.”

The Ganja Goddess Getaway is designed to deepen spirituality, heal, and inspire creativity through activities such as dance, sexuality talks, networking and goal-setting workshops, and even "Puff, Puff, Craft" workshops.

Fellow co-founder Deidra Bagdasarian adds, “We’re definitely a pioneer in using cannabis as a creative and spiritual tool during a women’s retreat.”

In August and September, four different retreats will be hosted throughout California, from Pescadero to Palm Springs. Tickets range from $120 for a day pass, to $420 (get it?) for an ultra-deluxe doubles option. Each ticket grants access to Ganja Goddess Getaway's "dab and smoke bar," but despite the retreat's name and theme, organizers say that getting high isn't mandatory - in Ossman's words, “We’re creating a movement of sisterhood and connection, and it strengthens and empowers each woman participating, as well as the community that surrounds her.”

Find out more and book your Ganja Goddess Getaway here.