The MISSBISH Guide to Perfecting a Bold Lip

Author: Nicole Fung
03.11 / Beauty

Bold lip looks are nothing new, but they can be a daunting task to take on if you're not exactly a makeup pro. Thankfully, Melissa Murdick's latest tutorial shows you how to incorporate a statement lip color into your makeup routine without letting it overpower your face. The key? Keeping the rest of your face looking glowy and natural while letting your lips be the star of the show. Check out the tutorial below and learn how to get the look!

melissa-murdicks-new-bold-lip-makeup-tutorial-021. Mix one drop of a liquid highlighter (such as MAC strobe cream, Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops, etc.) into your moisturizer, and apply all over your face.

2. Use foundation and concealer only where needed to cover discoloration. If you really prefer or need full-face foundation, mix a drop of the highlighter into your foundation (instead of the moisturizer) and apply as usual.

3. Oily skin types, apply powder to the T zone (center of the forehead, around the nose, and on the chin).

4. Use the same liquid highlighter and pat it on directly onto the tops of cheekbones, as well as the center of your eyelid, and cupid’s bow of the mouth.

5. Curl eyelashes, but don’t add mascara.

melissa-murdicks-new-bold-lip-makeup-tutorial-016. Brush up brows and fill them in using short, hair-like strokes only in the sparse areas so that they maintain a natural appearance but look fuller. Set with brow gel.

melissa-murdicks-new-bold-lip-makeup-tutorial-067. Use your favorite bold lip color (go bright OR dark!) and apply it using a lip brush for precision, or straight from the tube. No need for lipliner...lipstick looks much more modern without it.

Model: Hemma Ricchetti | Agency: VISION LA DEVELOPMENT | Photographer: Christina Choi