The MISSBISH Photography Workshop | Amina Gingold

Photographer: Amina Gingold

Instagram: @aminabellaa

Age: 18

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

When did you know that photography is what you wanted to do?
I would say around tenth or eleventh grade. Actually, at first I was really interested in film and videography. I really wanted to make movies, so I would go to different film programs -- including one at Pepperdine University and one at Stanford University. But I was also doing photography on the side during that time and I felt that my photos were stronger. So I searched for a college where I could focus on both, and that's when I found the School of Visual Arts.

What's been your favorite thing about New York City so far?
Your day is never going to be what you expect it to be! I always find myself doing something completely out of the ordinary. You're exposed to so many things and so many people, you can always make a new connection. That's what makes New York City so much fun, but it can be hard sometimes.

What is your favorite camera to shoot with?
It really depends on what I'm shooting. I have my Canon 5d mark iii which is more on the professional side. I use that mostly with clients because they usually want a clean photo. But I also love a classic Canon Ae-1 film camera because I like shooting on both mediums. Any kind of point-and-shoot film camera is always really fun!

What is your favorite thing to shoot?
I love shooting people because you can create a story around them that I think resonates with an audience more than just, say, a landscape. Shooting people freezes a moment that you won't ever have again because people are always doing something new.

"You need to be your own biggest fan in order for other people to understand why they should believe in you too."

So who has been your favorite person to shoot?
My friends are always fun to shoot because you can experiment and do whatever you want! But it's also interesting shooting with clients because they already have this vision in mind and you're trying to comply with that, as well as make their vision your own. It's almost this adrenaline rush for me, I'm shooting and hoping everything is coming out correctly and seeing the end result without even knowing that I could produce such amazing work.

What are some of the projects you've worked on so far?
I've been working with a local women's store called In Support Of as their in-house photographer doing e-commerce and editorial shots. I've also worked for the DJ duo Angel & Dren and shot them at different events including Miami Art Basel parties, SXSW events, and I shot their photo diary for Galore mag. I've also done some assisting for Hannah Sider, she's really good at what she does so that's been great!

What's it like being a young female and trying to break into the industry?
In general, being an artist and being a female can be very difficult. You'll come across a lot of people that will look down on you or won't treat you the same way they may treat a man in your position. On top of it, being only 18 can have its advantages and disadvantages as well. I get to experience life at such a young age, which is great because I'm doing things that people are professionally doing in their 30s! But on the downside, it can be hard because I'll be treated as someone who is of that age and experience. It can be a struggle trying to find your spot, but I believe you just have to persevere and show that your work is really good and worth it. You need to be your own biggest fan in order for other people to understand why they should believe in you too.

What is one thing you haven't done in terms of photography that you're looking forward to doing?
The coolest thing would be for me to be able to shoot a campaign! I would love to work with someone on a grand vision because I love seeing people's ideas and passions come together, especially for up and coming artists or anyone really with a good idea!