The MISSBISH Photography Workshop | Ana Hop

Photographer: Ana Hop

Instagram: @anahop

Location: Mexico City

Style: I think as a photographer, you have to constantly reinvent yourself, and I've developed a style that really embraces natural light. I enjoy taking photographs of people - portraits, mainly - as I love to talk to people. Making a portrait of someone is so intimate, it allows me to get to know them on a deeper level.

Equipment: I have a Canon Mark II 5D and I have two lenses, 50, 1.2f and a 24-105. I do very little Photoshop editing, but I use it occasionally to adjust light or contrast.

How did you get into photography? Tell us about your first experience (and your first camera!).
My mom is a photographer, so I was always used to cameras. I got my first camera, a small Nikon, from her as a present.

What are your thoughts on iPhone-ography?
I love that we have so many options to take photographs, and I'm really impressed by how much talent you can find amongst amateur photographers. I believe that it is easier to take photographs these days, but to stand out as a good photographer is difficult. At the end of the day, professional photography is different.

Do you shoot things differently/look for different types of shots when you're shooting for Instagram as opposed to say a larger editorial? If so, can you give us an example?
I try to have the same light so that I'm consistent in my style, but there are always some things that can be different. At the end of the day, if editors or clients call you, it's because they want your style.

Tell us the story behind one of the most memorable photos you’ve shot...
I am directing a new portrait/interior magazine, and I had the chance to shoot Mexican contemporary artist Gabriel Orozco. It was a very special day, and I was very nervous because he doesn't allow many people to photograph him.

What is a constant source of inspiration for you as a photographer?
Many things - other photographers' work, paintings, art...

Who has been a great influence or mentor to you and what did you learn from them that you still carry with you today?
When I studied at Central Saint Martins, I had a very good teacher. He helped me understand how we build speeches with our images, how our personal point of view is the most valuable thing to express, and that how profound we want to be can inspire or leave a lasting impact on someone else. I am constantly in search of that speech.

“Get to know all of the functions the camera can do for you, but remember to trust your eye."

Photography is all about capturing that moment. What’s the secret?
Always have your camera with you, and when you can't control a situation, just be patient.

Tell us three photography tips.
1. Don't be afraid of dramatic light.

2. Get to know all of the functions the camera can do for you, but remember to trust your eye.

3. Choose a subject. That way, you can focus on being an expert in the photography world.

If you could shoot anyone, who would it be, where, and why?
There are so many people I would like to shoot. Probably a photographer, because I think photographers are the ones that are more difficult to photograph.

Finish the sentence...
If I weren’t afraid I would... have more stress.

I wouldn't be where I am today if... I didn't believe in myself.

I've been listening to... Nick Drake.

Kids these days... are living things so differently than I did.

I look and feel my best when... I finish a good shoot!

When no one is looking I... Google.

Travelling... is a very important part of my life.

I respect... freelancers.