The MISSBISH Photography Workshop | Vivien Liu

Photographer: Vivien Liu

Instagram: @VDUBL

Location: Hong Kong

Style: I’m an architect, so naturally I’m drawn to shooting the built environment. It sounds cliché, but its great when I can share my passion and see others appreciate it. I mostly like to capture scenes related to the city – density, urban decay, street life, human habitation and the lack thereof, such as abandoned places and even the contrasts between city and nature.

Equipment: My standard device is the iPhone 6, its got an amazing camera and its degree of portability and connectivity needs no explanation. Its also the ‘processing center’ for all my images – I edit everything on it regardless if the photos are shot on the iPhone or with a DSLR. Other than those, I sometimes carry a manual film camera – its nice to revert to the basics and take a break from digital photography.

Lenses: For my DSLR, I use a prime (fixed, no zoom) 24mm lens with a wide aperture, which is an all rounder for various types of shots – architecture, street photography, portraits. If I need to fit more into the frame, I use the Moment 18mm wide-angle lens for my iPhone.

Filter or nah? 
Mostly filters, but I still try to keep colors as close to natural as possible. I like filters that do not over-saturate or over-enhance. My favorites are the Analog/A-Series from VSCOcam.

"Be alert in your surroundings to notice special moments."

Why Photography? When I worked long hours I wanted a distraction from my profession. Photography gave me that while being a medium I can also relate to architecture.

First experience: Just a little over two years. It has now developed into a legitimate hobby that is completely self-taught.

Favorite photographers: Edward Burtynsky, Andreas Gursky, Michael Wolf, Fan Ho, and Mario Testino – I like fashion photography also.

Can't live without: My portable charger.

Tips / Secrets:
1) Be alert.
Be alert in your surroundings to notice special moments.

2) Be ready.
Be ready to capture these moments.

3) Be patient.
and If needed, be patient to wait for the right moment..

Tag a friend to feature and ask them a question: I would love to see @ALINATSVOR featured. I want to ask her which city she loves shooting the most...

Alina Tsvor Answered: "My favorite place to shoot is New York City, forever inspired when I travel there."


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