The New diptyque LE SABLIER is Time in a Bottle

Author: Mia Guevarra
05.16 / Beauty

French perfumer, diptyque, has released a new diptyque LE SABLIER (hourglass diffuser) in six fragrances. The LE SABLIER is like none other, and “will take you on a journey through time with scents in an hour, one cycle of the sablier, one diptyque hour.” The diffuser is made of long glass adorned with a perforated gilded metal sheath by Servaire & Co., marrying time, fragrance and art in its inventive design.

The colored glass of green, yellow, orange, or smoky black are unique to the six fragrances which include:

34 Boulevard Saint-Germain

Crumpled leaves, exotic wood and spices. The scent of the flagship shop is also a signature fragrance.

Baies (Berries)

The irresistible freshness of a bouquet of roses with notes of blackcurrant leaves and berries.


Close your eyes and experience every part of the tree: the warmth of its bark, the freshness of its leaves, the milky sap of its fruit.


A rose freshly plucked from the garden, Brimming with natural fragrance.

Fleur d’ Oranger

Subtle and floral, it evokes the freshness of the Mediterranean and reawakens olfactory memories of childhood.


The original purity of freshly cut ginger, spicy and intoxicating.

The diptyque LE SABLIER is available now at various diptyque retailers, priced at $1,300 HKD (approximately $167 USD) for the Hourglass Diffuser, and $420 HKD (approximately $54 USD) for refills.