The New Urban Decay x Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection is a Work of Art

Author: Chelsea Pureza
03.16 / Art

The new Urban Decay and Jean-Michel Basquiat collaboration brings together the worlds of makeup and fine arts. The collection features 12 new Basquiat-inspired products— two eyeshadow palettes, a blush and bronzer palette, and three vibrant lipstick shades. The packaging even features an "original Basquiat" which you can hang in your room.

The brand says, "Like Urban Decay, Basquiat was an outsider who challenged the status quo and used color in nontraditional ways. From his informal graffiti work and the way he mixed mediums and colors to the way he spoke out against social injustice, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect fit for our brand."

You can buy all the products together in a vault for $165 USD, or buy them separately, ranging from $17 to $39 USD.  Stay tuned for a release date.

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