The Staying Power of Jennifer Lopez

Author: Sequoia Etti
04.16 / Style

An international phenomenon since day one, Jennifer Lopez is still on track and is only getting hotter with age. Since her first debut on the silver screen over twenty years ago in the box-office success, “Selena,” to her universally renowned R&B hits that saw us all get right & defined the movement of waiting for tonight at some stage of life during the 2000s.

Her determination to inspire, grow, and continue her already reigning success is inspirational in itself for women, men, and young artists around the world. Managing the juggling act of motherhood, business, talent, and being a celebrity, J.Lo does it all, and does it well.

Between American Idol, producing the TV series Shades of Blue, performing sold-out shows in Planet Holywood Vegas, school meetings for her children, photoshoots, appearances on the Late Night & the Today show, and staying on top of her game, J.Lo reminds us that although she's been on a wild ride that doesn't seem to be slowing anytime soon, she's still just Jenny from the block.

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