Tinder Confessions Part 1

04.10 / Lifestyle

Whether or not you've personally ventured into the world of dating apps, we're sure you've heard about at least one. Tinder is arguably the OG app that opened our eyes to a world of instant connection via a flick of the wrist. While many people have found flourishing, long-term relationships as a result of swiping right, the rest of us aren't so lucky.  Whether you believe that apps like Tinder have ruined the dating space and doomed our generation forever, or see it as a convenient way of meeting new people, hearing an embarrassing -- and often hilarious --Tinder story never gets old.

A few of us here at MISSBISH have checked out the app for varying lengths of time, and we're here to reveal our best confessions.  So feel free to laugh at our expense, and if you're still tempted to try it out for yourself, happy swiping.

"I spent my last summer in California interning, and one day I was slightly bored. Earlier that day a friend of mine told me she started a Bumble -- a slightly classier version of Tinder -- profile. The guys that she matched with were so adorable. My naive a*s took a stab at it and downloaded Tinder. It took me less than 10 swipes to match with not only a fellow intern from my job but my roommate's boyfriend (nope, never told her...never will). I deleted it before I could end up on a date with a long lost cousin or something." - Amani James, @manimonique | Length of Time on Tinder: 1 hour

"I downloaded it purely out of curiosity while I was in a relationship with my current boyfriend. I just had to see what “swiping right” meant. I then realized that it really puts you out there because of the Facebook authentication and I started to see people I knew and freaked out, closed the app and deleted it from my phone. The worst part was seeing other users who were also in relationships -- I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were just curious like me." - Lindsay Jang, @lindsayjang | Length of Time on Tinder: 30 minutes

"One time over Tinder a guy told me verbatim, “I want to stick my d*ck in the lowest hole on your face.” It was so gross and I never answered, but I ran into him at a party THAT NIGHT and we ended up having a lot of mutual friends. On top of that he tried talking to me like nothing happened...needless to say I wasn’t feeling it." - Kristen McCloud, @kriscloud | Length of Time on Tinder: 1 month

"I matched with a cute guy, struck up some conversation and eventually met up with him. He seemed cool and we went on a couple of dates. During our fifth date, while we were talking about our lives we saw some kids running around, we talked about how we felt towards them. Both of us felt “eh” -- a "maybe one day" type of deal. For some reason, he never wanted to swap IG handles and I never looked him up as an attempt to “respect his space.” One of my girls with no shame wanted to do some snooping and found him on IG. His bio read “24. Proud Dad.” HE WAS A DAD AND NEVER MENTIONED IT AT ALL. I tried to casually ask about the child in his profile pic because #nojudgement and he claimed it was his sister. PROUD? Boy bye." - Marguerite Castaneda, @margueritebb | Length of Time on Tinder: Too Long

Photo by: Victoria's Secret