Tour Bella Hadid’s Cozy Crib

Author: Kristen McCloud
01.19 / Beauty

Bella Hadid recently invited W Magazine into her NYC apartment to show us how she sets up for winding down.

When the youngest Hadid sister isn't shooting for major brands and walking in high profile fashion shows, she's just like the rest of us and occasionally enjoys a nice bath and a fat pizza. The model also gives us a glimpse into the more quirky sides of her place, including a giant Jenga set up and rubber ducky collection.

You can watch the tour above and check out Bella's seven tips for relaxation below:

1. Sometimes, she likes to change hats as soon as she gets home. “I usually like to change hats sometimes. Just for fun,” she says. Nothing metaphorically helps one shift moods from “international model on the rise” to “normal girl relaxing at home” like a literal change in headwear. Try it yourself. It might work, or maybe not, but who knows until you try?

2. Hadid has committed to playing a long term game of Jenga with herself. Every day after she comes home she takes out another oversized block out of her wooden tower. Why? She didn’t say, but perhaps it’s a powerful reminder that even when things come crashing down it’s always possible to rebuild and start again.

3. The model, who just turned 20 in October, has been collecting rubber duckies since she was 19 and names each one. Her collection includes Reynaldo, the bikini-wearing Paula and “the temperamental one.” It’s nice to have friends who will always greet you when you get home.

4. Lots of people love to light a candle when they get home, but how much can a little wooden match or your gas station Bic really achieve? For maximum returns bring out the blowtorch. If your candles are scented the blowtorch will even help to bring the fragrance out sooner.

5. She uses her bath time as a moment to reflect on activities that bring her joy, and finds that having props around helps to jolt those peaceful memories. That’s why she keeps a pink snorkeling mask in reach of her tub.

6. There’s a lot on all of our minds these days, and sometimes the best way to deal with it is just to forget things or never even learn them in the first place? Who even needs to remember how to control the jets in their own bathtub? You’ll figure it out eventually. It’s fine.

7. Hadid loves adult coloring books, which John Hopkins University believes can be very therapeutic. And that’s science.

Source: W Magazine