We Tried CruBox for a Month…

Author: Diandra Barsalou / Photos: Christina Choi
07.13 / Fitness

You’ve probably heard of West Hollywood’s newest boutique fitness studio. Everyone from pro boxers to models, influencers, actors (Kerry Washington gifted the entire crew of Scandal classes), and even the Kardashians have hit the bag at CruBox. Founded by sisters Bebe and Valerina Ding, Crubox offers a signature music driven class that combines rounds of body shredding, shadowboxing and heavy bag work with intense intervals of total body conditioning. Disciples of Crubox, aka Wolfpack members, are taught proper technique and footwork before any ring action. With a refresh at the beginning of each class, Crubox is accessible and inclusive no matter your fitness or boxing level. We joined the Wolfpack for a month, and here’s how it went.

For the equivalent of a full training regimen, Bebe and Valerie recommended 3-4 classes per week. We gloved up for our first Cru experience and went for a HIIT class after an extended period of not exercising, which was a challenge. High-intensity interval training means 45 mins of non-stop movement in timed intervals of varying intensity. Crubox is similar to SoulCycle in that the studio is dimly lit with mirrored walls that perfectly reflect the colored (and flattering) lowlights. Everything is done to the beat of a killer playlist, and finding that beat is key. When your arms feel like noodles and the only thing you can imagine landing on the bag is your sweaty forehead, there’s that beat. Throw yourself into it, finish the final freestyle minute with whatever combo you can remember in your delirious state, and finish strong. With continual motion and high-intensity intervals of core and leg training combined with bag combos, we’d recommend doing this class when you’ve got some technique practice down, and definitely not after a night out celebrating a friend’s birthday. Unless you’re the type that likes to sweat it out and doesn’t mind that your boxing associate to the left and/or right can probably smell your night-before beverage menu. Extra sweats and potential dehydration aside, Gabriel’s HIIT class is an inviting challenge and he works just as hard leading the pack and keeping the class on track. Just enough education on technique so you’re not wildly flapping at the bag.

After a couple weeks, our bodies started to acclimatize to the workouts, the stiffness started to wear off with the help of stretching, Epsom salt baths and some rest day yoga. This is when we began to notice different responses to the classes, and started to gain the ability to stay present - checking punch techniques in the mirror, gauging intensity, and making it through the class without reaching aforementioned noodle state too early on. We also started adjusting pre and post eating habits to get the most of each workout, and the full benefit of all those endorphins - the fighter’s high. Three weeks is when the payoff started to kick in with visible results; hello toning in the core and arms. By week four, we had it all figured out, including how to wrap our hands in the signature Crubox method. Like most workouts, you get out what you put in, but there is a major confidence boost that comes with mastering a new technique and seeing improvements in such a short period of time.

If you’re looking for a fun, inclusive and high energy workout, look no further. Crubox is also known for great events, and hosts weekly patio parties and happy hours with CryoCafe, conveniently located next door.

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