Up & Coming Luxury Handbag Brand Sabrina Zeng’s ‘START / HAWAII’ Collection is Major

Author: Caitlin Cheng
04.17 / Style

It all started when Sabrina Zeng found herself in need of a fashionable DSLR camera bag. So she took it upon herself to launch her own line. However, Zeng is more than what meets the eye. She’s a free-spirited go-getter, with a passion for world travel and a love for art & nature. With her charisma and unmistakable talent, Zeng has pioneered a brand that strives to empower women to be curious, to explore and evolve, and to create an authentic life.

“Signature sculptural pleats, bold yet refined colors, plus subtle abstract prints combine for a graphic journey through time and place. Consisting of the favorite designs, this collection is a reminder that a happy life is built upon balance. Each bag is named after a zip code, and carries its own story. Made in New York.”

So far, her collections uncover her journeys through New York, Bali, and Tibet. Her new collection, START/HAWAII – NEW YORK, tells the story of how she spontaneously decided to spend two weeks volunteering at a small organic farm in Hawaii. A deep sapphire marbled with teal and aquamarine mimics the ocean hues of one clutch; while a metallic silver streaked with dark grey tones represent the shoreline reflections of a cloudy sky as seen on another bag. Sabrina Zeng bags transform personal memories into stylish fashion statements – a blend of infinity, freedom, and originality.

Keep an eye out for this rising designer and her incredible journey. We have a feeling she has more stories to share.

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