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Author: Udit
03.28 / Beauty

The feeling of waking up, looking into the mirror and finding a perfectly smooth and unblemished face staring back at you is invaluable. Finding the perfect beauty products for your skin is generally through word of mouth or trial and error. We heard about Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum through the grapevine, a face serum formulated with 22 of the world's most active anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, nourishing fatty-acids and powerful anti-oxidants.

Vintner’s Daughter was founded by April Gargiulo, who worked for her family's vineyard before establishing the company. Gargiulo struggled with her skin her whole life. She wanted to create a product that would remedy hormonal breakouts, discoloration, restoring elasticity and radiance.  To develop her product, she began using grapeseed oil as a base, which has a very small particle size which makes it a great carrier for other oils and can easily penetrate deep into skin. Utilizing her family's vineyard, Gargiulo had access to the best grape seeds, which is essentially how Vintner's Daughter was conceived.

The Active Botonical Serum contains a combination of essential oils and has been proven to help fight signs of aging, stimulate cellular turnover, maintain skin elasticity, strengthen capillaries, inhibit melanin production, prevent wrinkles, deliver oxygen to cells and protect against free-radical damage. All of which is available in a 30ml vial with a hefty price of $185 USD available on Vintner's Daughter's online store. A little goes a long way, just a few drops are enough to deeply penetrate your skin's layers leaving it more radiant than ever.

Source: Into The Gloss

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