Watch Michelle Obama’s Speech at the Obama Foundation’s First Summit

The Obama Foundation held their very first Leadership Summit this year in Chicago. The summit not only featured Barack and Michelle Obama but Prince Harry of Wales, rappers Common and Chance the Rapper, and many more inspiring leaders across industries.

Michelle Obama spoke about her inspirations, her Chicago-based childhood, and her experience as the first lady. The graceful former first lady also mentioned social media and how leaders should be mindful of what they say on their platforms.

Michelle said, “You don’t tweet every thought. I’m not talking about anybody in particular. Tweeting and social media, that is a powerful weapon. … You need to think and spell it right and have good grammar. Every word you utter has consequences. You can’t slash and burn up folks because you think you are right. You have to treat people like they are precious — even those you don’t agree with.”

Watch Michelle's speech in full below.

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