Watch The New Chef Documentary ‘The Heat’ to See How Eight Women Are Changing the Restaurant Industry

Author: FengLin Soo
05.05 / Food & Drink

A new documentary The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution is shining light on the women who are changing the kitchen culture around the world. It features three women who have spent most of their adulthood in the kitchen, and five younger chefs whom the filmmakers believe are "the hungry talents of a new generation." The women include French culinary titan Anne-Sophie Pic, London fine-dining star Angela Hartnett, and New York-based Iron Chef and former Annisa owner Anita Lo.

Check out the trailer for the documentary which shows the famed chefs addressing the unbridled sexism in professional kitchens. “There’s a saying that ‘men cook for glory and women cook for love,’” Anita Lo remarks. “And if we do, it’s because of how we were raised, and of that social construct. But as a chef, you really want to be judged on your work, you know — gender really has nothing to do with it.”

The documentary film by Maya Gallus is slated to air on TVO this fall.

Source: Eater

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