Watch Pharrell Williams’ Speech at the NYU Commencement Ceremony

05.19 / Style

You may remember last year when New York University music student, Maggie Rodgers, blew artist-in-residence Pharrell Williams’ mind and moved him to tears with her unique sound. If you don’t, watch this.

Williams recently returned to NYU to deliver the 2017 commencement speech. In it, Williams focused on a few key messages. First, he reminds students to always stay curious and educated - a common thread throughout his remarks. Second, he asked that students imagine the possibilities when we treat each other equally, with emphasis on the importance of women. And finally, he interestingly enough made a nod to the real influencers of our time and how they’re not the ones posting on Instagram — they’re the ones out there changing the world for the better.

Watch his speech here, and get the full transcript on Time