Watch Raphaelle’s “No More Pillow Talk”

Author: Udit
02.23 / Music

Meet Raphaelle, one of the most alluring talents to develop out of the New York City music scene in years. Coming to us from Paris, by way of Texas, Raphaelle is stamping her place as a young artist with an old music soul. Her talents as both musician and songwriter are surpassed only by her expansive and unique voice. Evoking the haunting voices of Etta James and Nina Simone, Raphaelle emerges as a fresh new face with a modern approach to a classic sound.

Before discovering her innate musical talents, Raphaelle has been competing for most of her life and because of her competitive nature, she approaches her passions with the vigor of a soldier fighting for her life. She zeros in on a goal and doesn’t take her eye off the target until she has hit the bull’s eye. Her work ethic is refreshing and her talent is mesmerizing.

Growing up listening to artists like Ray Charles, Etta James, Amy Winehouse, and Fleetwood Mac, Raphaelle honed her skills as a vocalist and songwriter while she whiled away the hours waiting for her next assignment. Writing was always a therapeutic exercise for Raphaelle, a space to be free and authentic. Writing became such a retreat that she started to realize it was her true calling.

The day Raphaelle knew that music was her destiny, she was singing a song to her close friend from high school, "I remember when I sang for her, I blacked out and it was as if all my struggles and pain went away,” states Raphaelle. Ultimately it was music that fed her soul.

When asked why Music? She answers “Music is me…when I’m making it I feel like I’m tapping into my authenticity…without it I would be empty. There isn’t one day that goes by when I don’t sing or I’m not writing…music is ME.”

Her goal as a musician is to inspire and affect as many people globally as possible. “The one common thing everyone can relate to is real raw emotion and I want to share that…in one word…I want to create ‘classic’ music.” adds Raphaelle. 

She describes her sound as “Modern Classic.” Her vocal ability rivals that of legends like Etta James, Nina Simone and Billie Holiday but Raphaelle looks to the sensibilities of modern-day artists like Adele and Frank Ocean, fusing their contemporary sounds with classic rock elements reminiscent of timeless acts as Queen, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Carole King, etc. Raphaelle is a modern, classic voice. Click play above and vibe out to "No More Pillow Talk."

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