Watch Tiffany Young Teaming up with Vanity Fair for Korean Slang Lesson

Author: Lindsay Jernigan / Photos: Vanity Fair
11.20 / Lifestyle


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헐❗️had so much fun doing this one. Thank you again for letting me 'TEACH YOU' Korean slang @vanityfair 🌹 #SlangSchool

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Ever wonder how to say phrases like "it's lit," "are you kidding me?" and "over my dead body" in Korean? Well, thank your lucky stars, K-Pop star Tiffany Young, and Vanity Fair. The Girls Generation member has gone solo and just released her latest song, "Over My Skin." Vanity Fair caught up with the pop star to teach us some Korean slang and dish on her favorite phrases.

Check out the video above and get ready to put your linguistic skills to use!

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