By Way Of Us Presents ‘BACK TO THE BALLOT’

BY WAY OF US magazine presents a three-day event focusing on voter awareness in Los Angeles. The magazine (print and digital) and the collective is focused on community outreach through various programming centered on the upcoming mid-term Elections. Voter Registration will be available throughout the entire weekend with the opportunity to make sure registration is valid and/or current.

The workshops and conversations will be hosted on Friday, Oct 12 and Saturday, Oct 13 at Art Share LA (801 E. 4th Place in the Arts District in Downtown LA). Here's what to expect:

Thursday evening: Opening Reception, RSVP required. Register to vote and engage with Illegal Art's interactive piece What Color Are You? 


Friday morning: Women's focused breakfast in partnership with Soho House called Good Mornings. Discussing the roadblocks and challenges when it comes to voting. Additionally, finding information about voting and brainstorm what it looks like to create something as impactful as Rock the Vote or Vote or Die.

It will also include a first-hand look at Protest, a show of politically inspired and text-based work, before the exhibition's opening with Katie Frager, Art Share LA's Program Manager.


Friday evening: Going through the November 6 Midterm Election Ballot in a conversational and open forum, measure by measure.

Saturday morning: In partnership with Akasa Community Outreach, a non-profit that teaches a wellness curriculum utilizing cooking, gardening & mindfulness to low-income youth & families, actioning high schoolers and families to join in on voter education. Creating a healthy meal together while hearing the story of how to get involved as a high schooler and pre-registering 16 and 17-year olds for the 2020 election as well as 18-year-olds for Nov 6.

Saturday afternoon: Ladders of Engagement: How to Get Involved Before & After the Election. Dive into questions like: 'Do I march? Do I post on my social media accounts that I was at the march if I do go? Do I give $5 every time Kamala Harris emails me asking for it? How do I even call my representative?' Provide actionable ways in which people can participate before, during and after the election.

Saturday evening: Art Share LA's Opening Reception of Protest, a show of politically inspired and text-based work.