We Asked the MISSBISH Team: What Does MISSBISH Mean To You?

Author: Coco Marett
09.17 / Lifestyle

We've interviewed some pretty amazing BISHES over the years, and there's one question we always ask them: "What does MISSBISH mean to you?" We always love reading the varied and inspiring answers that come from it, but then it dawned on us that we've never actually asked ourselves that question... until now.

Ali | @seealidee
MISSBISH = BAD BISH (in the best ways).

Coco | @cocomarett 
The passion, enthusiasm and collective curiosity that drives MISSBISH is infectious and because of that, it's become so much more than was first imagined. It's about owning who you are, and supporting and embracing women everywhere who are doing the same. I think MISSBISH is proof that you can always surprise yourself.

Anna | @anrosema
To me, MISSBISH is not only a place where women can openly appreciate each other, but it is a place where you can be heard. MISSBISH is giving women an outlet to show how truly bad*ss they are and what they have accomplished, when they might usually choose to be humble. It is so empowering to be able to go to the MISSBISH site and see people who look like you accomplishing their dreams.

Daisy | @pyodaisy
In a world where girl on girl hate is still pretty common, MISSBISH is a platform that encourages women to empower one another. MISSBISH is a community of powerful women doing bad *ss things, cheering each other on--genuinely and wholeheartedly.

Heejung | @heejungkimm
Being a MISSBISH means that you're not afraid to express yourself and become the baddest version of yourself possible. Being a MISSBISH means you are confident and a go-getter.

Jana | @janaisajournalist
I think MISSBISH can represent many things, and that’s the beauty of the word. It transcends cultural norms and helps weave this thread that connects us to so many people from all over the globe in positive and uplifting ways. We’re not afraid to share our stories. We’re here to empower others. And we’re in it to make the future a place that’s more accepting, creative, and prosperous.

Jordana | @jordanasarahterk
MISSBISH is about finding your own path. It’s about supporting each other. It’s about the balance between always looking to grow but being content with your current journey as well. As a platform, MISSBISH gives a voice to the women who embody the aforementioned.

Kristen | @kriscloud
To me, MISSBISH means being authentic, driven, and true to yourself. I think that there's a new generation of girlbosses on the rise who are bringing creative and barrier-breaking ideas to the table. It's exciting seeing so many women creating these insane brands and lifestyles in such cool industries. MISSBISH highlights those people and being surrounded by so many bad*sses is really inspiring.

Lindsay | @lindsayjang
MISSBISH started as a small group of like-minded people and it has grown to be a global, all-inclusive community for so many. I couldn't be prouder of all the growth we’ve made as a platform and the opportunities we have created to tell the stories that are important to us.

Marguerite | @margueritebb
MISSBISH is all about supporting the female hustle. There are so many inspiring women out there doing big things and the fact that we get to support them means the world to me. MISSBISH celebrates women who are genuine, authentic, and unapologetic.

Mia | @miagvarra
MISSBISH to me means being the best person you can be and embracing who you are. It's about inspiring yourself and the people around you. A MISSBISH is not perfect but is continually challenging herself to be the best version of herself, for herself.

Monica | @monicasauce
MISSBISH means sisterhood. To me, it's girls from all over the world that come together because they share common interests and are willing to learn from each other. It's a safe place for women to be who they are, while being uplifted and inspired.

Nav | @nav_x
To me, MISSBISH means being confident, driven, and being the best possible version of yourself in every aspect, while striving for more and enjoying your life. MISSBISH celebrates women coming together who support, inspire, and learn from one another.

Nicole | @nic0lefung
MISSBISH was our way of bringing together like-minded, inspirational, and all-around bad*ss women. We wanted to create a platform to build a community and to give these women a voice where they could tell their stories. I’m so thankful to have met all these incredibly talented women and appreciate all of our MISSBISH fam who have contributed their time and effort to helping MISSBISH grow.

Sarah | @modarexic
MISSBISH is all about unapologetically being yourself and staying true to your beliefs, morals, and dreams. No one will tell us what we can and can’t do--we set our own barrier. MISSBISH represents confidence and determination. We are kind to others, but are not afraid to put someone in check! We are here to run the world and bring all of our girls along with us!

Serina | @ser1naguerrero
To me, MISSBISH means being as bad and confident as you can possibly be. Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box and reach any goal that you set. Don’t wait around for opportunity, be the opportunity. Live life with no regrets.

Zenna | @pbr.mami
Historically, I think women have often had a difficult time supporting and encouraging each other. MISSBISH is a platform that allows women to do just that--and that’s so important! MISSBISH is all about strong, empowered women doing their thing, whatever that happens to be, and taking initiative to do it themselves--not waiting around for permission, just making it happen.

Photo by: Alex Maeland