We Have Not Forgotten: 9/11

Author: Amani James
09.12 / Lifestyle

We could never forget. The image of the planes flying low over the island, just moments before a nation was brought to its knees. As the towers came crashing down, and the bodies began to pile up, we were given the opportunity to experience what hell on earth could truly mean, in the land of the free, or so we thought.

That day, we were brought back to reality. We were introduced to the devastation many are facing all over the world today, as their once so simple lives, become oh so complicated with bombs being dropped just feet away from their front doors. Or when women are being kidnapped in Africa because of their desire to be educated. That day, we were all human beings, waiting, hoping, praying, and grieving the losses of thousands while anticipating the losses of many more to come in the war against terrorism.

Today the One World Trade sits as the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and the sixth tallest in the world. As the light reflects on its glass exterior, it stands as a symbol of America’s strength and human survival. As companies begin to occupy the building, we are reminded of the faith we all have in the ability of the human race to not only survive, but to rebuild.

However, we can never forget the lives that were lost that day. We can never forget about the firefighters that sacrificed their own safety to bring help to Ground Zero as the rest of us watched in pure shock. We can never forget the civilians who ran towards the towers to help, when so many ran away. We will never forget.

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