West Coast DJ Huneycut Makes Waves One Set at a Time

Music is the sound that creates life here at MISSBISH. We live for festival weekends, exclusive song drops, and Frank Ocean's subliminal tumblr posts. We met Huneycut, a bad*ss LA DJ who embodies self-awareness, and a taste for music that will have you dancing in the middle of Time Square. Her style of spinning evokes emotion and allows her to share the way she feels the music. Check out our conversation with Huneycut below.

How did you get the name Huneycut?
I came up with the name Huneycut in 2015. My cousin, who is also a DJ, told me I needed to come up with something that reflects who I am, that stands out, and has longevity. I went through a few names before I decided on this one; sweet like honey, playing all the cuts.

As a female DJ in LA (one of the most competitive environments next to NY) and in what many see as a male dominated industry, how do you separate yourself?
I separate myself through my taste. I don't just play what I think everyone wants to hear, I play music that tells a story.

As a goddess of all things music, what are your top 5 artists of all time?
Pharrell - for so many reasons. One being that his music is timeless. I can play tracks he's produced from the '90s until now and everyone will sing and dance.
Solange - she's such an amazing artist all around. I've appreciated her music since the early 2000's when everyone slept on her.
Outkast - all I'm going to say is southernplayalisticadillacmusik. Oh, and "Prototype" will forever be a classic.
Erykah Badu - because she's the illest.
Kendrick Lamar - I respect him as a lyricist.
...I miss the old Kanye.

Where does the inspiration from your sets come from?
Inspiration for my sets come from emotion. There is so much emotion in music. It can make you feel so many different ways. I always make a playlist for each set and I choose songs based on how I feel for the night and what I think the crowd needs to feel.

We are in a very special time in music, where artists have the ability to be independent and build careers on their own, representing more than just an image but a cause. How does that inspire you as a DJ?
This inspires me because independent artists, to me, are the liaison between the music business and our culture. They set the tone for future generations. Because of them I can play real music that represents the culture, not just bullsh*t you hear on the radio. Many of my favorite artists right now are independent - they write and produce their own original tracks and I have so much respect for them.

What’s the best advice you’ve gotten in the last year?
Don’t short change yourself. Be persistent and consistent in everything you do, always give 100 percent. And surround yourself with people who are growing and going in the same direction as you.

“I don't just play what I think everyone wants to hear, I play music that tells a story."

I must say, your style is bad*ss. I’ve bookmarked so many of your outfits on Insta. Where do you go for style inspiration?
Honestly, I either get inspiration from my friends or from vintage shops in LA. I always seem to find unique pieces that no one has when thrifting.

You live in the City of Angels where the sun always shines. What are some of your favorite spots in the city?
I love museums, some of my favorites are The Getty, MOCA, The Broad, and Griffith Observatory. Besides that, Escondido Falls in Malibu. It’s a really good workout with a great view. I also love to rent bikes on the beach. Last but not least, Breakroom 82. It’s an arcade with a bar and music. Pretty much my favorite places in LA are all surrounded by nature, art, a nice view, and really good food.

What are some of your wardrobe staples?
For starters, a dope vintage or men’s jacket. A retro sneaker that’s not too flashy or a black bootie. A crop top is a must, got to show off the abs, haha. And almost anything with sequins.

So what’s the end goal for Huneycut?
I wouldn’t say there’s an “end goal,” but my focus for the future is to continue to build my brand, Huneycut. It doesn’t stop with DJing so keep your eyes open to what else I have coming.

Who are your favorite female DJ’s right now?
I would say Vashtie because she is consistent and she’s not just a DJ, she’s a brand. She’s current with the culture and is successful in different realms of the industry. Kronika from Soulection is also another one of my faves. She has a crazy ear for selecting music. I call her the queen of digging for bangers.

Who’s you MISSBISH?
My MISSBISH is my late grandmother, who passed when I was in highschool. She left behind a legacy of strong women in the family. Growing up, we lived in a small town called Bakersfield and everyone knew who she was. A few years ago, the town named a street after her, which to me is a remarkable. She was recognized as one of the first women to work in the oil fields. My grandmother will forever be an inspiration to me. She moulded me into the woman I am today.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
A collective of fierce women.

Photos by: Angelo Vasquez

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