What ComplexCon 2017 Had to Offer Us BISHES

Author: Sarah de Brun
11.08 / Music

Last weekend, ComplexCon took over Long Beach for the second year in a row. Imagine a walk down Fairfax and Melrose on the busiest Saturday ever--and for fun, let’s say it’s also a “drop” day.  An explosion of street, food, and lifestyle culture is exactly what ComplexCon is. Both days are filled with predominately male-focused offerings, not to say women don’t enjoy what the fest is all about, but we’re all aware of who the main audience is. Last year’s event was light on female presence (minus yours truly!), so we were excited to see how the ladies would show up this go 'round. Women attendees came dressed to make everyone’s style list, in outfits that looked like they jumped straight out of the most popular lookbooks. It was definitely our own version of fashion week(end).

Here’s a roundup of the best female-focused moments of ComplexCon 2017.


Given there were nearly 30 performances spread out over two days, we could count how many of the artists were women on one hand. Even so, Chloe x Halle, Noname, Dreezy, DJ Mia Carucci, and leading BISH M.I.A. owned their sets and had us jumping in the air like crazy. Next year, amp up the amount of female performers, ComplexCon.


Between the Con(versations) and Studio sessions, great minds teamed together to discuss popular topics from “The Art of Storytelling - Hip Hop on Screen” with Lyah Leflore to “Leading Ladies” with Chelsea Handler, Dascha Polanco, Lena Waithe, Young M.A, Iskra Lawrence, Moj Mahdara, and Indyamarie Jean. Aleali May also talked about her thoughts on design for “Sneaker of the Year," and Complex’s own Miss Info shared her story at “Food Rebels."


This is REALLY why we went, though. To scope out the merchandise and cop exclusive styles from the brands we love. We waved to the cute characters at the FILA x Sanrio spot, drooled over Champion’s metallic puffer jackets, scooped up goodies at KIMOJI, and debated on getting a grill at Dolly Cohen. The girls of LA showed up, as Melody Ehsani’s all-pink layout was a major hotspot and Sorella’s fly red setup had its own Motocross bike on display. Pebbles Art, Skateistan, colette, Raised, and TIALS were other booths that dedicated their areas to the ladies.


Along with catching the sets and shopping, there was so much eye candy and plenty of unique photo ops to take in. Bodega probably had one of the most authentic setups, with a legit bodega you could shop from and Saturday’s salon featured hair-braiding and nail techs on site. Emotionally Unavailable handed out roses like gentlemen, and HUSTLER joined 40s & Shorties to create a revolving circular bed (half cheesy, half hot). Old Spice may have had everyone beat with their #OldSpicePuppyParty space. Corral a few pups together and set up a camera, and we’re going to flock like crazy!

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