What Do You Love About Being a Woman?

Author: Maria Mora
03.09 / Lifestyle

Anything men can do, women can do better. Let's be real: where would the world be without us? We are a life source, the element that keeps homes together, a powerful and creative force. These qualities and more shouldn't only be acknowledged on International Women's Day, but on every single day that we wake up. In celebration of today's holiday and Women's History Month, the MISSBISH staff from Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, London, and Alberta shared why we love being women. Check out the inspiring answers below.

"Being a woman makes me feel powerful. I say that while recognizing that we still live in a patriarchal society, unfortunately. We have the capability of bringing life into the world. Not just by having children, but with our nurturing and caring nature that we express to people around us and the work that we put in. Society continues to move towards being a more logic-focused world and I think as women, our intuition has that power to make us feel and show compassion towards others. If we lose that, if we don’t care for our women and for our earth, the world will stop. Without us, there’s nothing; so that’s why I love being a woman!" - Maria Mora

“'Pu$$y run everything' is not only a Drizzy lyric but also my outlook on being a woman, even if the world still hasn’t wholeheartedly embraced it. So maybe we don’t statistically make as much money (yet) as men, we love a challenge and we’re ready to break through the proverbial glass ceiling. And maybe the double standard of being 'the man' versus being 'a slut' still hovers, but it’s definitely dissipating and we’re giving less of a shit. Think about it: we’re capable of bringing new life into this world, we’re simultaneously both soft and strong AF, and we’re pretty much always right (I kid, I kid… we are always right). Our bodies are beautiful and we can do anything we put our minds to - what’s not to love?" - Ali DiEmidio

"We are women, hear us roar!!!!! That's exactly how I feel being a woman. We have come a long way in history, from not having any rights to a woman candidate running for president. Men can't live without us, we are the decision makers, we are the problem solvers, we hold everything down. More and more women are beginning to carve their own paths and start their own businesses which in turn gives us the respect that we fought so hard for. I love being a woman because I love being part of such a strong force that is only going to get bigger and stronger." - Angela Fernandez

"My favorite thing about being a woman is without a doubt the relationships that we can foster. I think that there’s something really unique and special about the relationship between two best girlfriends, a daughter and her mom, etc. Women have such a huge capacity to love and care for other people and I think it’s amazing that we can develop these super strong, emotionally fulfilling relationships with each other. There are so many things that I love about being a woman but this one is definitely my favorite." - Kristen McCloud

"I think it’s important to love being a woman because of how far we’ve come in the last 100 years. In our lifetime, more and more CEOs are women -- which means we’re not stopping; we’re creating jobs and that’s pretty badass considering we're still getting paid less than men. There’s hope because we are intelligent, perspicacious, and have great intuition. I love being a woman because I am a part of a vigorous force that sticks together when overcoming the obstacles we face when striving for success." - Monica Kran

"Every inch of my soul loves everything there is about being a woman. Sure, I could ditch the periods and woes about cellulite, but we are straight up warriors! Women are so dimensional with our emotions and insight, and can have extended conversations with one another that go deeper than anything else you could ever experience. But, at the same time, because our connections run so deep, we can understand what the other is feeling and thinking without saying a word. We refuse to take no for an answer, and if there is not a straight path leading us to our destination, we will create our own damn way. As one woman, we are each a force to be reckoned with, but as women together we are the life source that keeps this world rotating. Recognize and bow down." - Sarah de Brun

"As women, we are all bonded together. I have never met a woman who I didn’t share something with -- shared experiences or emotions can turn a stranger into a friend. I love listening to women, hearing their stories, what difficulties they've managed to overcome, and finding a bit of myself in her. Even if we are talking about the most ordinary things -- we can find a connection to each other. I carry every woman with me and that’s what I cherish most about being a woman. Supporting one another, encouraging them to push harder, loving them when they can’t love themselves, it’s a pact to be good to one another through the bond of sisterhood." - Marguerite Castaneda

"I love the complicated existence of women. We have so many beautiful parts of ourselves that we often don’t take advantage of...and the moment we take the time to get to know ourselves, we find something new and beautiful about us. I consider the strength women have as one of our biggest assets. The fact that we can birth children -- not just one..but multiple -- and then bounce back, while conquering so many other things, shows the genetic and spiritual strength we possess. I didn’t realize that strength until I began to appreciate the women in my life that have molded me and motivated me. They have watered me, just as the women before them nurtured them. And the cycle of strong women only continues to grow. So find your seed ladies. Nurture it. And let it grow." - Amani James

"I absolutely love being a woman. The people I admire most are women -- my mom, my grandma, my mentors, sisters, and our #MISSBISH Squad. Everything we do at MISSBISH is for women, building a community of like-minded and passionate individuals to create something amazing. We wanted to create a space where women are celebrated, where they have a voice, and where we join together. Happy International Women's Day!" - Nicole Fung

"I don’t think I’ve ever asked myself this question, but now that I have to, I would say that there’s never been a moment in my life where I wanted to be a man. The power we have as mothers, sisters, wives, teammates and friends is unlimited and we have a softness, a sensuality that adds passion to everything we do inherently. In my opinion, being a woman is the most multifaceted opportunity that exists. Don’t waste your time being a victim of sexism, spend your time working on yourself, your community, your family and the positivity you can cultivate and spread in your lifetime. Stand up for what you want and ask for it. You don’t have to do much to accomplish a lot if your heart is in the right place. Empathy and humility above all. F*ck the hurdles, jump over them and keep running." - Lindsay Jang

"As a woman, do not let your gender define your role. You can dominate this world. Take ownership of each opportunity. Do not let others determine your destination. Once you discover your capabilities you will realize there are no limits to what you can achieve." - Gillian Wong

"Oh boy! I don’t know where to begin. There’s something so special, beautiful and strong about being a woman. We can be walking around with killer cramps and no one would know, we’re that badass! Right now, more than ever, there’s this overwhelming feeling of girl power and unity among women that’s truly out of this world. The support I feel for and from other women is amazing and it just goes to show that we’re truly unstoppable when we put our mind and passion behind something. Happy International Women’s day to all the girls who #runtheworld!" - Fiona Dempsey

"I think the best part about being a woman right now, at this very moment in time, is choice. I can say with absolute certainty that I would not be where I am today professionally and personally without making crucial choices regarding marriage, kids, job opportunities, travel, and moving to new cities. Sometimes we make good choices. Other times we make bad ones. But today, we can choose to live the life that we want and not feel guilty about it. And that’s so damn important." - Jana Hoffman

"We have come so far as women over the last 10 decades, no doubt we still have a long way to go, but to see so many successful women out there who are mothers, business women, entrepreneurs is inspiring! We are such strong human beings which makes me so proud to be a woman! As women, it is so important that we empower one another, stand together, recognize how far we have come and know that we can achieve anything! There’s no stopping us...Happy International Women’s Day!" - Nav Birad

"I used to believe that in order to be powerful or influential, I had to nurture the masculine side of me. Yet throughout history, women have been the muses, mothers and lovers that have inspired the greatest art, caused and ended wars, etc. and I’ve since come to realise that being a woman is a power in itself - so embrace that sh*t! There is nothing weak about being the one who nurtures and loves. Being a woman is a balancing act; we are soft but strong. We understand that being independent isn’t inextricably linked to having weaker connections with others. And through all the inequality and adversity women have faced over the years, we’ve only come out stronger, closer and more compassionate than ever. Onwards and upwards, ladies!" - Coco Marett

"What I love about being a woman is how far along we’ve come in the world. I mean we didn’t even get the right to vote until 1920 and here we are, aspiring to be future Presidents, CEOs, and more. Although we have been belittled and feminized throughout much of our lives, women have become so united and strong that we can now look past those obstacles and keep our heads up for a positive future. Honestly, being a woman is awesome and I can’t wait until the day that I have my own daughter and can raise her to be as equally badass as every woman who stood up for our rights." - Serina Guerrero

"If I were to be born again, there's no doubt I'd be born again into a woman. I love that I'm a woman because we are such beautiful beings with the capacity to love hard, be soft, and nurturing by nature - yet still strong and capable of handling anything that comes our way. We are all so beautiful and I'm so proud that in a world where we still struggle to be seen as equal, we are coming together, fearlessly fighting strong and standing tall for our rights! Being a woman is so empowering, and I feel blessed everyday to be a woman, who was raised by a woman who did everything to teach me what it means to be a woman. Where would the world be without us? Happy International Women's Day!" - Daisy Pyo

"To be a woman is way more than the strength we emit but it's the strength we give each other. I think that's why I love being a woman, we already stand strong alone but it's amazing how strong we stand together. As a woman (especially in this day in age), I can be anything and it's just as good (if not better) than a man. I am the person I am today because of the women who have raised and taught me. From my teachers to my elders, I am WOMAN through their journeys and their lessons. Why I love being a woman? Because women are resilient and timeless, oh and we are the sh*t." - Deniza Sabio

"Being a woman is empowering. Always supporting females and never degrading them. Every woman has the capability to bring something new and innovative to every industry. We all can work together and become something great. Female empowerment is what is driving many industries into success. Women now are as strong as ever, throughout history we have been constrained and today we have the power to make a difference." - Zaneta Vincent
"The simple fact of being a woman makes me feel like I’m part of a really cool club. Being a woman today is really exciting. There are more and more women gaining visibility, rising up, and giving less f**ks about what other people think about us. We are the connectors in our communities, our families, and we walk the fine line of strength and softness with grace. I adore being a woman. I love lifting up the women around me. I love that I have so many damn inspiring women to look up to and to learn from. Being a woman is a gift." - Jordana Terk

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