What We Learned From Our MISSBISH Sessions: Entrepreneurs on Finding Your Voice and Hustling for Yourself

Our MISSBISH Slack Channel keeps on growing! Tuesday night, we hosted our Slack Sessions: Entrepreneurs on Finding Your Voice and Hustling for Yourself. We wanted to talk to some of the biggest forces in their industries and have an intimate Q+A, so we brought together Miss Lawn of HLZBLZ, Saskia of Maha Amsterdam, and Dani Roche of Kastor & Pollux. Each of the boss women spoke from their own experiences and we learned so much! For all those BISHes out there trying to work for themselves and hustle hard, here are the top tips we learned! Make sure to sign up for our Slack Channel to tune into our next Session and connect with a group of creative women from all over the world!

1. Own your voice. Don't allow for anyone to overlook who you are. 
"What helped me most when trying to find my voice? Hmmm... it was actually the frustration of feeling like I had NO voice. I was 1 of very few females in the streetwear industry and as you CAN imagine, dismissed by our male counterparts as just 'the girlfriends' to men in the industry/culture. At first, I was totally fine w/ being behind the scenes and letting my work speak for itself BUT there were too many times that we as females were nothing more than an afterthought and I felt the need to speak up, represent for the ladies and give these guys a run for their money. It needed to be known that we were not only going anywhere BUT most importantly, we had a voice… I had a voice." - Miss Lawn

2. First and foremost--know yourself and how you work best.
"I've learned that I seem to create my own processes and systems. How can I be the most productive version of myself?" - Saskia

3. Hone in on your skill set and work with others who have their own unique skills to bring to the table. You may not be able to be the best at everything, but you can learn and build the best team.
"You could be a jack of all trades but there’s gonna be someone out there that can do one of those trades better than you. I’ve learned to focus on the things I’m strongest at and find people who can do the other things better than I can." - Dani Roche

4. When things get tough, don't lose sight of the "why" behind it all.
"I just have to remember that the entire reason I started a business was so I could make things and do things and contribute to something--I didn’t do it because I wanted the 'entrepreneur' title." - Dani Roche

5. If networking doesn't feel right, put your energy elsewhere.
"I wouldn’t put too much pressure on making the right connections if it feels exhausting and unnatural. Do what you love doing, share that message, and become really confident in what makes you unique and special." - Dani Roche

6. Don't overthink it.
"When starting my brand, I honestly don't know if I was fearless or just plain naive... cuz honestly, i just did it... jumped right in and learned along the way. I think if I thought too much about it I probably would've done things totally different BUT that doesn't necessarily mean it would've been the right way." - Miss Lawn

7. Trust yourself and don't worry too much about what others are doing.
"I mostly draw my inspiration from my ideal realistic consumer. Nobody can keep up with the pace of the NOW. There's already a new NOW before you can say it. I trust on my gut feeling to make the right decision for my own business. If I don't trust my gut feeling, I wouldn't have any idea of what I'm doing anyway!" -Saskia

8. Do your research.
"We need to educate and push people to dig deeper... for instance, if you love an old song, find out who sang it and then dig even deeper, learn about their inspiration and the history behind it and so on. There's been so many times when I've seen a young artist create graphics yet have no understanding behind the meaning of it... and just did it because... they saw something similar online and thought it was cool... it goes back to asking, why? Why do you love it? How much do you love it? Do you love it enough to dig deeper and learn about it?" - Miss Lawn

9. If you're reaching out for a potential opportunity, make sure that you explain why and how you want to work with them.
"My advice here is to reach out to people with super custom emails - explaining WHY you’re emailing them and not necessarily why you’re most qualified for the job"- Dani Roche

Similarly, "... there needs to be something special in that email to make me not overlook it." - Miss Lawn

10. Don't collaborate unless it is purposeful to your brand and theirs.
"It has to connect to your brand. There's nothing worse than a collaboration that doesn't make sense and doesn't uplift each other's businesses." - Saskia

If you missed this month's MISSBISH Session, don't freak! We aim to have one once a month and you can always join our Slack community to vibe with like-minded women!

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