What Went Down at Opening Ceremony’s “Pageant of the People” Fall & Winter 2016 Show

Author: Amarachi Nwosu
09.13 / Style

Just in time for the November presidential election, this year's Opening Ceremony 2016 Fall/Winter runway show was all about creating a space where fashion and politics meet. The show took place in New york City's Jarvis Center where designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim presented their new collection in a pageant that featured celebrity guests like Whoopi Goldberg, SNL star Jessica Williams and Orange is the new black star Natasha Lyonne. They referred to this pageant as "The Pageant of the People" because it was not about reinforcing American beauty standards, but rather creating a space where unconventional beauty and ideas are celebrated. The hosts, Portlandia co-stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, kept the jokes rolling all evening and facilitated the pageant, which touched on important social topics like immigration reform, police brutality, and gender discrimination.

Pageant participant and comedian Ali Wong, who is best known for her stand-up comedy special "Baby Cobra" had some very funny but also serious comments on gender discrimination in society.  She recalled times when people asked her "How do you balance family and career?" and responded with, "People ask me that ALL the time. Men never get asked that question. Because they don't. They just ignore the child and that's perfectly, socially acceptable," she added, "Dads get so much praise for doing so little. My husband occasionally changes diapers and people can't believe–they're like oh my gah, I can't believe that your husband changes diapers. What a doting, modern father. When my baby was first born, I would do skin-on-skin contact to bond with her, she would shit on my chest. Where's my trophy at?"

The collection featured a number of 70's inspired pieces in vibrant hues like red, blue and yellow, that created a great pop and highlighted some unique details . Beyond vibrant hues, a common theme was stripes and patterns. After the show, guest were urged to register to vote, and the OC team also provided a number of representatives that were able to sign them up! One of the last comments of the night was by Whoopi Goldberg, who said, "If you don't vote, then don't Bi*tch". It doesn't get more straightforward than that!

Check out the entire collection above.

Photos by: Amarachi Nwosu

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