Who’s That It Girl? | Get to Know MISSBISH Kalysse Anthony

Author: Sarah de Brun

We know you've been seeing  Kalysse Anthony around for a minute now. Look left, she's one of the many faces of Nike's "The Force is Female" campaign. Look right, you'll spot her on your Instagram feed, putting that style-muse status to work with a dope outfit and a head full of gorgeous curls. The NYC-based model, stylist and sneakerhead told us she knew the best semi-underground shopping spots in the city, so we tagged along to get to know her better, and maybe even steal some pointers on how to recreate her super chill style.

Which stores are on your list for the shopping trip?
Rare Pair, Metropolis Vintage, and L Train Vintage.

What do you love most about each shop, and do you have any tips?
I love the fact that each spot has such a wide variety of sneakers and clothing to choose from. It's hard not to walk out with something unique every time. My tip would be to be persistent and have patience when browsing for rare pieces. My shopping trips are not always successful, in fact they're usually hit or miss. You can go in looking for something special and can come out with nothing or find a bunch of fire pieces when least expected.

There are so many sides to your creativity, what would you most want to be known for?
I feel like style is one the best reflections of my creativity. However this year, I've been inspired to pick up a new skill set and I'd love to be known for being a great host/reporter and overall business woman.

Finish the sentence...
The first pair of sneakers I first fell in love with were... Any type of Air Max, because I've always been about comfort and style. I don't think I could narrow it down to one specific model, but my top three would be the Air Max Plus TN, Air Max 96, and Air Max Triax.

In 2017, I promise I’m going to start... Dedicating a minimum of one hour to building my career, every single day. Whether it's research, networking and connecting with other creatives, attending industry events, shooting, styling looks and creating content, I need to make sure I'm always hustling and working on my next move.

The best advice I’ve ever been given was... Change happens by choice, but the discipline to stay consistent can't be developed overnight. True growth is a gradual process. Just recently I wasn't feeling aligned, and this really spoke to me. We all evolve at different paces, and everyone's success occurs at different points in our lives. I've learned to do what I'm comfortable with and what works for me while simultaneously keeping up the grind and working on my personal growth.

“It's great to have that strong force of female presence and empowerment in your life, especially when they have instilled positive values that make you who you are."

My comfort food is... Pizza or Popeye's.

I’m most proud of myself for... All of the accomplishments I've had in freelance modeling. I've booked several jobs and campaigns on my own, and it's a nice feeling knowing you worked for it all by yourself. Great opportunities have presented themselves this year that I'm looking forward to sharing very soon.

If I ever moved away from NYC, the thing I’d miss the most would be...The food and for convenience sake, the bodegas. I feel like other places' corner store games are weak.

You haven’t lived until you’ve... Walked on the bottom of the ocean. I traveled to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands a few summers ago, and did this water sport called Sea Trek. It's a trail that you walk on in the middle of a coral reef, with a helmet on that allows you to still breathe oxygen. I got to interact with all types of sea creatures and saw baby sharks. I've never felt so out of my element, but felt so free at the same time. I think everyone should participate in some type of thrill seeking activity like water sports, sky diving or something like that at least once in their life.

Tell us about the MISSBISH who has influenced your life the most.
In life it would be my mother, she is my biggest supporter and always keeps me motivated and grounded. It's great to have that strong force of female presence and empowerment in your life, especially when they have instilled positive values that make you who you are.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
MISSBISH is not only the representation of women doing their thing, but it's an attitude and a lifestyle. It's how you carry yourself, and how you get sh*t done. It's a force that brings women together to be beautiful, motivating and inspiring beings. I feel like the energy really transpires through all that are making something of themselves.

Besides the places on our shopping trip, what are three gems in NYC?
Definitely Procell Vintage, unfortunately based on store hours I did not get a chance to stop by for the shoot, but I did want to highlight that it's my favorite spot. Mr. Throwback and UniqueHype are cool too.

Photos by: Carmen Chan

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