Will Weed Lube Elevate Your Sex Life?

Author: Zenna Wilberg

Since around 67 per cent of users say that marijuana use improves their sex lives, it's no surprise that weed lube is now a popular product on the market.

The company Foria has created Foria Pleasure, which is a liquid coconut oil-based spray intended to increase female pleasure. Results include feelings of enhanced warmth, increased blood flow, tingling, relaxation, and possibly an easier orgasm. The company suggests applying Foria Pleasure 15-20 minutes before use as a pre-lubricant for optimal results, though time may vary per individual. The product contains both cannabinoids THC and CBD, though the THC will not make you feel mentally impaired.

A version of Foria Pleasure that doesn't contain THC, only CBD, is also available in states where weed hasn't been legalized yet. CBD is perfectly legal, and actually occurs in our bodies naturally.

Photo by: Foria

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