YO’HOOD Shanghai 2015 Recap

Author: Lindsay Jang
09.21 / Style

Shanghai was the place to be this past weekend, Shanghai Mart in the area of Hongqiao to be exact. Celebrating its third year, Yo'Hood did not disappoint, in fact, it showed strength in numbers, visuals and celebrity that proves its knowledge of the market is strong and relevant, and that the show is here to stay.

The tradeshow meets omni-channel shopping experience meets celebrity hunting ground, was held over three days and drew brands from all over the world. Every OG label was there, from Stussy to Nike, Beats to Undefeated, Converse to New Era, the electrifying energy within the three-floor space was tangible, everyone wants in on the China market.

The parent company of this massive interactive project is Yoho!, a Chinese media company that has its hands in e-commerce, print and tons of digital platforms. They recently appointed Nigo as their Creative Director which means the only direction this brand is going it UP. Mark September 2016 on your calendar and don't miss your chance to join in on the action next year.