You Can Now Add Music to Your IG Story With Instagram’s New Update

Author: Jana K. Hoffman / Photos: Instagram
06.28 / Tech

Let's hear it for Instagram! Soon we won't need any other social media platforms because this one is integrating all of our favorite features from every other app out there. We're not mad about it. Since rolling out its new IGTV, the platform has recently added music to its Stories functionality.

To use it, all you do is tap the stickers tray and hit "Music." A searchable library of songs will appear, which will include moods, genres, and trending tracks. Tap the "play" button for a song preview, select the song, then choose a part of the song that you'd like to feature in your Story. If you're capturing a video, you also have the option to add music before you start recording. Choose your track first then record while the song plays. Your Stories viewers will get to see the name of the artist and song name on the sticker.

The new "Music" sticker is available for all devices in select countries. Recording video while a song plays is only available for iOS devices. Androids, you'll get this feature soon.

Source: Hypebae

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